Strange issue upgrading from Edgy to Feisty -- or is it an issue?

Wafa Hakim Orman wafa at
Fri Apr 27 02:49:21 UTC 2007

Larry Hartman wrote:

> Those 1048 packages which you see that are uncommitted are the packages that 
> the upgrade tool would have installed if it ran through its full process.  If 
> you run Adept Updater and leave it install those packages you will arrive at 
> Feisty at the end of the lengthy process--more than likely unharmed.

Alright, so I went ahead & let Adept try & update itself. I did not have 
Synaptic already installed, & installing it when my sources.list had 
everything changed to feisty would have been more of a headache than I 
thought it was worth (yes I could have changed everything back to edgy, 
I know, but it didn't seem worth the trouble.) Obviously a mistake -- 
what happened was it downloaded everything, installed about half, & then 
gave me the following error message:

There was an error commiting changes. Possibly there was a problem 
downloading some packages or the commit would break packages.

Each time I run adept now this is what happens, & I have no idea why. It 
doesn't need to download anything, but the status bar says some 1408 
packages have been updated, 774 are upgradeable. Is it possible the fact 
that I have some third-party, non-repository software (Stata, to be 
precise) installed is causing this mess? Shouldn't it just leave Stata 
alone? I also have Beryl installed on this machine, from the SVN nightly 
builds, but I disabled all those repositories in my sources.list before 
the upgrade.

With much trepidation I rebooted, & thankfully the system still works; 
in Edgy, but it works. For some reason my fonts look tiny and the 
display option seems to be missing in System Settings. Otherwise my 
applications are all here & running.

Any help will be greatly appreciated....

Thanks again,

"So it goes."
	--Kurt Vonnegut

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