Upgrading from 6.10 to 7.04

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The onmy major issue I had was my wireless card, Atheros, not recognized on install.  Now, to be fair, feisty did recognize it.  What made the difference for me was having my video recognized as basic vesa and audio not recognized at all in feisty.  Both worked in Edgy and they do now in Mandriva.  As for the wifi card, I plugged anetgear MA111, which I could never make work on any ubuntu flavor.  On mandriva it was dtected and installed.  I immediately did amanual update and then tried to detect the other, atheiros, wifi.  It came succesfully and has been working ever since.  
I have not given up on Ubuntu, I do really believe it is agreat distro.  I am installing a second hdd with 250gb capacity and will install edgy 64.  I will continue to doble boot mandriva/edgy until such time feisty 64 gets stable,
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On Thursday 26 April 2007 03:52:30 pm macariov at gmail.com wrote:
> I hate to agree.  I still have my laptop double bootin Ubuntu/XP.  As for
> my desktop, AMD64, it is now running Mandriva 2007 spring.  I fumbled,
> troubleshooted, formatted, fresh installed to no avail.  Io finally gave up
> and went with Mandriva.  It has been very stable from the get go, and it
> only gets better with each update. Sent from my Verizon Wireless BlackBerry

Cool.  Mandriva isn't bad.  And, trust me, I've had my share of aggravations 
with (K)Ubuntu as well.  However, this upgrade from edgy to feisty went 
really well on 3 machines, and a fresh install was quite nice on the 4th.  
However, when you start talking about 64bit you're going down another alley.  
I could NEVER get ubuntu to work on a 64bit box I had, to the point I just 
got fed up and shipped it back to HP.  (tried SUSE, Mandriva, Ubuntu, 
PCLinuxOS, and a couple of others as well on it).

See Ya'
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