AcrobatReader: A bug or intentionally?

Mark Wallace newburghmark at
Thu Apr 26 11:17:16 BST 2007

No, it doesn't!!! GPL software lets you, study, modify, etc.  Free 
software only means that you didn't have to pay for it.

At 12:33 AM 26/04/2007, you wrote:
>Mark Wallace wrote:
> > Realize though, the fact that you need a license doesn't mean that
> > one is expensive or hard to obtain.
>Obviously.  It's not that there's a license; it's what the license says.
>  Free software lets you study, modify, copy, and redistribute a program
> > Or, like Adobe, he might be willing to give you a license for free
> > because he hopes that you will turn around and buy his full suite.
> >
> > Netscape was giving a free license to just about anybody who would
> > listen because browsers like 4.08 had a built in button on the
> > toolbar that  took you to their site.
>Again, whether a license is free (libre) is unrelated to cost.
>Matt Flaschen
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