AcrobatReader: A bug or intentionally?

Art Alexion art.alexion at
Wed Apr 25 18:13:14 UTC 2007

On Wednesday 25 April 2007 01:58, Matthew Flaschen wrote:
> > It is also not illegal for a Linux distro to include
> > software under terms agreed to with the provider of proprietary software.
> No, it's not.  However, I'm not sure Acrobat still offers (or ever did)
> such terms.

Sure they do.  Windows versions of the reader are often distributed by other 
software vendors that use PDF for documentation.  Two examples:  Turbo Tax 
exports the tax forms it generates to PDF and includes the reader with the 
tax software.  My cell phone Samsung and my carrier provide a CD with the 
manual in PDF.  The only software (application, not data) is the Acrobat 

On its web site and in the forums, Adobe provides instructions for 
distributing documentation via CD and configuring the reader to run from the 
CD so that it need not be installed on the hard drive.

Adobe wants two things:  To give away as many readers as possible to add value 
to the PDF format and, hence make money selling PDF creation and editing 
software.  To keep its code proprietary.

Heresy alert: I don't care what Richard M. Stallman says, there is a 
difference between free software and open source software.  People can give 
away proprietary software (like Adobe does) and sell open source software 
(Like Red Hat and Suse do)

Art Alexion

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