Telling Konqueror not to preempt Firefox (solved) + K control Center

john d. herron paradox.herron at
Wed Apr 25 15:35:31 UTC 2007

FX Fraipont wrote:
> john d. herron wrote:
>> Thank you, Matthew Flaschen and FX Fraipont, for helping.
>> I made a mistake, of course: when I mentioned Krusader, I really meant 
>> Thunderbird...
>> In System Settings => Default Applications I was indeed able to set 
>> Firefox and Thunderbird as default web and mail browsers, respectively.
>> Also looked for - but was unable to find - something called 'KDE 
>> Control Center'. Where to find it?
>> jdh
> I can't find it in the menu either
> Open a terminal ant type kcontrol: that's the KDE Control Centre
> fx
> Thanks. The terminal trick worked.
> jdh

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