Konqueror's viewmode_toolbar with multiple icons

Donn donn.ingle at gmail.com
Tue Apr 24 22:28:58 BST 2007

> konqueror's website: http://www.konqueror.org/pics/konq_icon.png), it is
> possible to have the so-called "viewmode_toolbar" to create several icons.
Not sure what you want exactly, but I find Konqy to be deeply weird in Kubuntu 
Dapper. I came to it from Fedora 1 and 3, so I noticed the 'dumbdown' at 
once. I have variously hacked and customized my way back into control, but it 
still reacts darn strangely sometimes.

Anyway, I have the "Main toolbar" visible. Settings -> Toolbars -> Main. In 
that, there are those viewmode buttons. Perhaps I added them by 
Settings->Configure Toolbars. I can't recall.

Looking at my toolbar config dialogue, I have the following entries:
ActionList: viewmode_toolbar

It says at the bottom : This is a dynamic list of actions. You can move it, 
but if you remove it you won't be able to re-add it. HAND. :|

So, that's all I can offer right now. If you want to see config files etc, 
just yell.


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