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AD> I am new to Linux.  I have used it in the past when my employer's
AD> servers and workstations had it installed, but never personally.  I
AD> wanted to bring new life to an older iMac (G3 500MHz).  I reburned
AD> the ISO twice, but the same thing happens-once the initial boot
AD> screen indicator is filled, all I get is a soft music playing and a
AD> black screen.  EVERY TIME!  This happened with Fedora Core as well. 
AD> Am I missing something?  Or is Linux just destined not to work on my
AD> machine?

Since no-one else has responded with anything specific, I'll put in my

I don't have much specific, but I think it should be possible as (IIRC)
the internal hardware of the G3 iMac and the G3 iBook (which I have) are
pretty similar. 

I'd suggest looking for something like "Open firmware cdrom boot" for
ideas. The only problem I recall having was some problems with the boot
partition -- whihc may well be solved now as that was with Warty.

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