Noiseless shutdown + Kubuntu 7.04

Magyari, Balázs tripatos at
Mon Apr 23 23:42:42 UTC 2007

I installed a Kubuntu 7.04 (no upgrade) and as I already have
experienced with Herd and Beta Releases, the shutdown is noisy for me,
as if the winchester (or sg. else) is still working when shutting
down. That's the same with Hibernating, but not with Suspending, then
the laptop turn-off is noiseless.
It's not just that it's not "trendy" for a modern OS to behave like
this but I'm also afraid of destroying my hardware and it's also quite
disturbing for me. I use K/Ubuntu since 5.04 and I tried many other
linux distributions too but never experienced such symptoms. (neither
with Kubuntu Edgy or with Windows)
As this may not be a bug I would like to know if there is some way to
tweak my system in order to make a completely noiseless (and maybe
more secure) shutdown for my laptop. Maybe I should modify my shutdown
scripts, or...? If you have any suggestions, please send an e-mail!
Thanks in advance,
Balázs Magyari

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