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Sun Apr 22 18:07:48 BST 2007

I will admit to being confused about something!

The original post that I was responding to was someone who wanted to install 

I was saying( and I still don't have Kubuntu in front of me so I am trying 
to recall this)

1. Use adept to install synaptic
2. Open synaptic
3. At the toolbar at the top, check the box that says include proprietary
4. search for Acroread  (Acrobat Reader)  It will appear.
5. Follow install procedure in synaptic.
6.  If acroread does not become the default pdf opener, uninstall the ones 
that you plan on using

If synaptic is not a front end for adept or vice versa, the whole point on 
installing other package managers might not be well taken.  It can't help 
but have at least some different features.
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> Mark Wallace wrote:
>> Yes, I am clear that the other package managers are front ends that wind
>> up using synaptic.
> Oh boy.  Apparently you aren't very clear.  Other package managers use 
> _apt_
> and dpkg, not synaptic, which is just another front-end.
>> They are in there because they are more user friendly
>> interfaces.  But because I don't have Linux in front of me at the second 
>> I
>> don't know if they allow you to change the download source.  They also
>> might be selective about what they show up.
> Certainly some are.
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