Ktorrent and speed issues

adams k7qo at commspeed.net
Sat Apr 21 15:03:00 UTC 2007

On Sat, 2007-04-21 at 08:30 -0600, D. R. Evans wrote:
...snip snip...
> Try using a different client. Does it do the same thing?
> On Thurs and Fri I downloaded:
>   Mandriva 32- and 64-bit DVD ISOs
>   Kubuntu 32- and 64-bit CD ISOs
> All using the standard bittorrent client, and my connection is nominally
> quite a bit slower than yours.
> I seem to recall having a problem with DVDs and ktorrent once; but it was
> some time ago. I think it wouldn't successfully finish downloading anything
> > 4GB, although surely they must have fixed that bug by now.

Thanks for the info.  I stopped the Ktorrent after finding a site with
the two DVDs, one for the AMD and one for the i386 versions.  Estimated
download time under 20 hours even with the load on the system, so I'm
a happy camper right now.

I'll come back in a week and experiment with Ktorrent, Azureus, and the
others and write up what I find out, if anything.

I'm in the process of developing a free Linux course for Freshman High
Schoolers that will give them what they need for the next 8 years +
for education.  Along with the Free Physics book for Africa that I
helped on last year.  I hope to have the teacher's materials, slides,
and training materials done by summer.  Of course, this will be too
late to get things done for this September, but hopefully by next
year everything will be in place.

Again thanks for the information and I'll attempt to get to it before
the end of next week.  I have an Introduction to Linux course that
I finish this next that I did for adults in 20 hours of lecture
and their loading Kubuntu 7.04 beta on their systems at home.  I 
think it worked out rather well.


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