Quick and Dirty WiFi solution

adams k7qo at commspeed.net
Sat Apr 21 16:09:23 BST 2007

In the Intro Course I was working on I discovered (for myself
at least) a quick way to get WiFi going.

Fry's Electronics (if you have one near) has a Airlink 54Mbps
Wireless-G USB Adapter, Airlink 101 is the model number, on
sale for $9.99 US from time to time.  In this mornings 4/21/07
Phoenix paper I see it on sale for the above price.

Last week I had my old ASUS AMD Duron system up and running
and happened to plug in the Airlink.  It was detected and
the system came up connected to the system in the house.

Of course, like everything else, you have to have one of
these critters (I used to be in TX) to do this.  So be
on the lookout for the quick and cheap and easy solutions.


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