KUbuntu 7.10 release

Mark Wallace newburghmark at aol.com
Fri Apr 20 14:34:26 BST 2007

One advantage of KDE is that you can configure it to look and act like 
Windows 98 which, as a temporary measure, can flaten the learning curve for 
a newbie.  That involves shutting down a lot of nice features, but before 
long the newbie will discover them.
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> Matthew Flaschen wrote:
>> D. R. Evans wrote:
>>> Alexander Smirnov said the following at 04/19/2007 04:23 AM :
>>>> why do you think kde is better? :-) (i use kde too)
>>> kio_slaves.
>>> There are lots of subjective reasons too... but that's the objective 
>>> one.
>>> I don't know how people manage without them.
>> Hmm.  I've used trash:/ and fonts:/ casually, and man:/, fish:/, and
>> locate:/ see interesting.  Any others you recommend in particular?
> info:, apt:, sftp: (a lot - kate sftp://host/file is scary good!).  I'm 
> sure
> there are more, because the beauty of kio slaves is that they run "under
> the hood" often.  In fact, I know I have kio_imap4 slaves running all the
> time.
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