Ktorrent Optimization

adams k7qo at commspeed.net
Thu Apr 19 22:06:33 UTC 2007

I realize that there is a "conditioning" time envolved with Ktorrent.
So I have a T1 line and 24/7 access and I will leave the DVD images
on after they have completely downloaded.

Question that I have.  I searched the Internet via google and haven't
a clear answer as to what, if any optimization, to do locally to
insure that I have the right ports open for greatest throughput on
uploads and downloads.  There are close to 100 peers for both distros
but the download rate of about 5KB/s and estimated download times of
44 days or greater doesn't seem right.

I'll plot the data as it goes and see if there is a clear trend.
I would think the more the merrier as to the rates, unless 
every one else is doing dialup...... :-)

Thanks in Advance for any help.


Chuck Adams, K7QO   k7qo at commspeed.net
http://www.k7qo.net/   personal web page

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