ATI releases 2.6.20 drivers

Ron Morse rbmorse at
Thu Apr 19 01:47:26 UTC 2007

On Wednesday 18 April 2007 19:17:33 Larry Hartman wrote:
> ATI released drivers updated for 2.6.20 kernels.
> I downloaded and installed.  From my vantage point this
> version appears really flaky.   CTRL-ALT-BACKSPACE
> shutdown the computer, vice restarting X.  When I
> restarted, the driver appeared to be working fine...good
> fglrxinfo output, but when I restarted the second time
> and afterwards, fglrx would not come up successfully, X
> stalled with a black screen.  It absolutely does not like
> dual monitor big screen mode.
> I recompiled the driver, but have been unable to get it
> to work since when I attempted the first install.  I
> would like to know if anyone has had any successes with
> the new driver yet.
> Larry
I'm waiting for the packaged version to show up in 

Ron Morse

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