KDE Graphic Quality

Donn donn.ingle at gmail.com
Sun Apr 8 13:42:08 UTC 2007

> Section "Screen"
>         Identifier      "Default Screen"
>         Device          "ATI Technologies, Inc. 3D Rage II+ 215GTB
> [Mach64 GTB]"        Monitor         "GATEWAY VX90"
>         DefaultDepth    16
> And change the DefaultDepth
Hi, it's always been '24'. Should I be seeing "bands"* of colour in gradients 
or is this normal for an LCD screen?


* I mean that colours seem to lump together into single tones when there 
should be a gradual progression, for example from Blue to Green I would not 
see a nice gradient across all the colours, but a few broad stripes of blue 
and then a few of green.

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