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john d. herron paradox.herron at
Sun Apr 8 05:03:47 BST 2007

Beagle was suggested to me about a month ago as an utility to search 
files for some specific word(s) or phrase.
I did install Kerry/Beagle (the GUI version of Beagle) because I often 
need to find files from years past which I know to contain some specific 
text (such as e.g. a title like "Deed of Sale").
Works fine when I apply the search criteria to plain text or OOWriter 
files, but NOT if I want to search inside of documents in other (mostly 
proprietary) formats such as Microsoft or WordPerfect files.
I therefore suppose there's no way for me to look for specific content 
inside any proprietary-format files (with Beagle, Kerry/Beagle or 
otherwise, e.g. even some command-line utility) to search for specific 
content unless I convert my (fifteen years worth of) *.doc files to *.odt.
    Or is there?
Would appreciate any help or suggestions. Thanks a lot.
kubuntu 6.06 / x86 with 512MB Ram

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