Andy Harrison aharrison at
Thu Apr 5 17:50:17 UTC 2007

On 4/5/07, OOzy Pal <oozypal at> wrote:
> I need to setup my wireless router (ADSL). My Kubuntu can find two cards
> eth0 (Ethernet) and eth1 (Wireless)
> I need to disable eth0 and keep eth1 up and running for wireless. How
> can I do this? Do I actually need to disable eth0 to work with eth1?
> BTW, no mater what I do in /etc/network/interfaces when I go to K
> Menu>>System Settings >> Network Settings I see different parameters
> and IP addresses. If I disable eth0 from there and restart the
> computer, the eth0 is enabled again.

Under Network Settings, I created two different profiles, one for work
and one for the office.  I do disable one nic or the other in either
profile.  However, even after I load the home profile, I do have to
run the following little script that I wrote...

There's probably a better way, but I haven't bothered to research it
very thoroughly...


if [ -x "`which sudo`" ] ; then
    SUDO="`which sudo`"

${SUDO} iwconfig eth1 essid "MySSID"            &&
${SUDO} iwconfig eth1 mode Managed                  &&
${SUDO} iwconfig eth1 ap any                        &&
${SUDO} iwconfig eth1 key restricted 1 FFFFFFFFFF   &&
${SUDO} dhclient eth1

Andy Harrison

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