anyone running Kubuntu & vmware, or kubuntu & codeweavers?

Derek Broughton news at
Wed Apr 4 20:07:35 BST 2007

Art Alexion wrote:

> Gave it one more try today.
> sudo aptitude unmarkauto antlr db4.2-util dirmngr gjdoc jikes kandy
> lesstif1
> libgnujaxp-java libgnujaxp-jni libmad0-dev libmdbtools  libopensc1
> libpcsclite1 libpolyp0 libtiff-tools libxml-writer-perl python-uno
> python2.3-zopeinterface subversion superkaramba

Well, if that didn't work, 

# sudo aptitude reinstall ...


> Was my syntax wrong?  If not, I give up.  

Not so far as I can see.

> That might work, but, in light of this, my faith in aptitude does not
> justify switching.

It's not a perfectly smooth path from apt-get to aptitude, but imo it's
worth the trouble in the end.

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