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On Wednesday 04 April 2007 06:13, Alexander Smirnov wrote:
> Hi list
> I've known not very pleasant news recently - it's impossible to update
> from Dapper to Feisty. So, it's required to update Dapper to Edgy first,
> and then to Feisty.
> I want to update my Dapper-box to Edgy. And then, after release, up too
> Feisty.
> So, we have:
> 1. Copmuter with Dapper installed. There is no DVD drive.
> 2. DVD disk with Edgy.
> 3. Another computer in LANс DVD onboard. So, it's possible to copy
> packets from Edgy DVD and then share them or copy.
> Please advice, or just sympathize :D

I hope this helps but I can't give you a step by step.  You can configure the 
shared dvd drive on the lan as a repository and then adjust your sources.list 
to include it.  Then do the upgrade from that repository.

Wait a minute.  That's more complicated than necessary.  If you can access the 
DVD over the lan with your Dapper machine, you can use apt-cdrom to add that 
dvd to your sources.list and use it as if you had a local DVD drive.


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