Alexander Smirnov smirnoff at mail.nnov.ru
Wed Apr 4 10:13:57 UTC 2007

Hi list

I've known not very pleasant news recently - it's impossible to update 
from Dapper to Feisty. So, it's required to update Dapper to Edgy first, 
and then to Feisty.

I want to update my Dapper-box to Edgy. And then, after release, up too 

So, we have:
1. Copmuter with Dapper installed. There is no DVD drive.
2. DVD disk with Edgy.
3. Another computer in LANс DVD onboard. So, it's possible to copy 
packets from Edgy DVD and then share them or copy.

Please advice, or just sympathize :D

Thank you.

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