Kaffeine - stopped working?

Alexander Smirnov smirnoff at mail.nnov.ru
Mon Apr 2 11:27:04 UTC 2007

Thank you Ian,
I've found the info you post very useful

Ian Rose wrote:
> I may be able to help:
> This can be caused when you shut down KDE and Kaffeine is still
> running. When you log back in, KDE attempts to restore Kaffeine, but
> it can't (I don't know why). However an "orphan" kaffeine process
> hangs around, so that when you attempt to  launch kaffeine manually,
> it thinks it is already running.
> To find the process, do
> ps aux | grep kaffeine
> the rogue process should be easy to spot - the id for the process will
> be the first (usually 4-digit) number. Just
> kill (number)
> and you should be able to start kaffeine normally. You can prevent
> this from happening again by going to "System Settings" > "Advanced" >
> "Session Manager" >  and then either starting with a blank session or
> adding "kaffeine" to the applications to be excluded from sessions.
> Hope that helps
> Ian
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