Klaptop or Kpowersave

Derek Broughton news at pointerstop.ca
Thu Sep 28 19:26:26 BST 2006

Joan Tur wrote:

> Anyway what we, laptop users, need is a kde applet where we can configure
> (through a graphical app) the following:
> -suspend/resume options (it should write/read /etc/default/acpi-support),

We _do_ need a KDE applet that does that - there's no way to configure most
of powersave's settings except through an editor - but I'm not sure they
necessarily belong in acpi-support.  

> -laptop_mode settings:
> -hd: spindown, readahead
> -syslog

Syslog?  This seems out of place with all the other options you're
suggesting.  What need are you addressing?

> -cpu settings:
> -governor to use when on battery/ac
> -max & min speed when on battery/ac (I'm a linux-phc user)

What to do when battery goes low.  I think klaptop let me tell it to
suspend, hibernate, or shutdown when the battery gets too low - kpowersave
doesn't seem to give me that option.

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