gnome or kde?

Frode M. Døving frode at
Sun Sep 24 10:34:25 BST 2006

Sunday 24 september 2006 10:07, skrev Gert Gast:
> Hi all, I just installed Dapper 6.06 Ubuntu, and I'm not so sure whether I
> like gnome that much. It is very slick, but kde has far more options and
> flexibility with customisation. So I wonder, does it make sense to install
> the kde desktop on top of ubuntu and then at least be able to choose at
> startup. If that's a possibility what would I have to install apart from
> the kde deskstop. Else, would that cause major problems with dependencies
> etc and is not recommended? Anyone has any experience with that?

That makes sense.They should coexist just fine. 
Your menus (kmenu and gnome programs menu) will probably be a bit messy since 
most applications from both Kubuntu and Ubuntu will be there. Apart from 
that, it should work just fine.

In synaptic search for and install the 'kubuntu-desktop' package.

That package will install everything you need to get a full Kubuntu desktop 

NOTE: During install you will be asked if you want GDM or KDM to be your 
default login manager. It doesn't really matter what you choose, you can 
login to KDE from GDM and Gnome from KDM and vice versa. It's just a matter 
of taste.

Now you will be able to select what session to login to, from the login 
manager menu.

- Frode

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