installation hangs...[ trying again w/Alt CD, dual boot, /home sharing question?]

anthony baldwin anthonybaldwin at
Sat Sep 23 22:01:36 BST 2006

Scott Kitterman wrote:
> On Saturday 23 September 2006 11:19, anthony baldwin wrote:
>> Do you suppose if I dl the ubuntu disk, and then apt-get kubuntu desktop
>> after I´ll have better luck?
> This has always worked for me.
> Scott K
Could it be that I am using the LiveCD?
I am currently DLing the ¨alternate¨.  I´m going to attempt a dual-boot
with my current FC5 installation.
I partitioned off 6gb space to install Kubuntu on the hdd that houses my 
current FC5,
and want to mount the same /home on my slave 200gb drive.
Can I do that?  Will they play nice and share the same /home?
6gb should be plenty of space for the Kubu OS, too, shouldn´t it?


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