Derek Broughton news at pointerstop.ca
Mon Sep 18 15:40:20 BST 2006

O. Sinclair wrote:

> Struggling with getting my Dell Inspiron 500m to show its native
> resolution which is 1400 by 1050. The software for this is 915resolution
> that I loaded via Adept. I can run it and have tried all sorts of settings
> but nothing happens. What is it that I am not getting?

Have you actually tried NOT using 915resolution?  I consider it a rather
scary hack, and think you should try without it first.

What does:

# gtf 1400 1050 60

say?  If it shows you anything, you shouldn't need 915resolution.

Paste the output into the monitor section of your xorg.conf like:

        Section "Monitor"
        Identifier      "Laptop Monitor"
  # 1400x1050 @ 60.00 Hz (GTF) hsync: 65.22 kHz; pclk: 122.61 MHz
  Modeline "1400x1050_60.00"  122.61  1400 1488 1640 1880  1050 1051 1054
1087  -HSync +Vsync

You only want to add the two lines from gtf, don't worry about anything

Then in the "Screen" section where you have:

  Modes  "1024x768"

(there may, of course, be other modes) add the new value:

  Modes  "1400x1050_60.00" "1024x768"

(be sure to put it at the beginning, so that it's used as the default). 
Restart X.

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