Modem Inspiron 6400 - was Re: SysGuard to show temperature

Derek Broughton news at
Thu Oct 12 17:47:56 UTC 2006

Orjan Sinclair wrote:

> Francisco Borges wrote:

>>> Btw - have you tried using the modem?
>> No, I haven't. I tried to use the WiFi once, and couldn't get it to
>> work.
> I have no problems with the WiFi whatsoever "out of the box". Got the
> Intel Wireless.
> Modem seems not to be working according to Linuxant... "use a newer
> kernel". Hm.

I've never tried my modem either.  I had a couple of WiFi options, so
deliberately chose the intel, because I knew it worked.  I don't own a
landline phone, so didn't figure the modem would matter much :-)

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