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Brendan mailinglist at
Thu Oct 12 16:34:21 BST 2006

On Thursday 12 October 2006 11:22, Gene Heskett wrote:
> Jonathan Jesse wrote:
> > Why can i not picutre myself supporting a user and saying: "Now open up
> > Iceweasel and browse to this page..."  Or something similiar.  Come on
> > guys at Mozilla, get your act together this is just plain stupid
> My thoughts exactly.  Come on debian, what the hell is the big deal with
> using the mozilla supplied artwork intact?  Inquiring minds would like
> to know.

Because annoying mailing list people and GNU folks need things to argue about 
and destroy momentum for "correctness" of editing logos. This is why these 
people are never going to be heading up anything remotely useful, because 
they get bogged down in  tiny righteousness details.

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