Security: NFS or Samba?

Jeremy Anderson jeremy at
Thu Oct 12 04:17:02 UTC 2006

My two cents.  The thing about security works the same if you are talking 
computers, life, house, dog, etc... the harder you make things to steal, the 
less likely someone is going to try.  Nothing is ever foolproof but if you 
have data or bandwidth worth stealing put up as many roadblocks as you can.  


On Wednesday 11 October 2006 21:54, marcus wrote:
> On Wednesday 11 October 2006 09:50, Billy Pollifrone wrote:
> > I assume the DSL router has a firewall enabled, so unless you give
> > access to the outside world to use, the NFS share, then you don't
> > have a problem.
> Yes, the DSL router's firewall is enabled.
> Does this mean I don't need to set any firewall rules on the PC hosting
> the NFS shares? I guess I would allow NFS (and NIS?) access in the
> local zone?
> > The bigger concern is to limit the wifi, which you
> > seem to have covered. I go further and limit my wifi access by
> > hardware address as well myself.
> Do you mean the MAC address?
> I did enable that and added the laptop to the list. However, I read on
> some other Linux forum (old thread) that it's easy to find the MAC
> addresses being used and then spoof them, i.e. an outsider can
> broadcast a valid MAC address.
> Any more info on that?
> Marcus

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