Q: adding DCOP::Amarok perl module?

D. R. Evans doc.evans at gmail.com
Tue Oct 10 18:17:11 UTC 2006

I am trying to add the DCOP::Amarok Perl module.

It doesn't seem to be in any Kubuntu repository, so I'm using the CPAN tool.

Here is what I am getting:


[H:~] sudo perl -MCPAN -e 'install DCOP::Amarok::Player'
CPAN: Storable loaded ok
Going to read /root/.cpan/Metadata
  Database was generated on Tue, 10 Oct 2006 11:23:53 GMT
Running install for module DCOP::Amarok::Player
Running make for J/JC/JCMULLER/DCOP-Amarok-Player-0.036.tar.gz
CPAN: Digest::MD5 loaded ok
Checksum for /root/.cpan/sources/authors/id/J/JC/JCMULLER/DCOP-Amarok-Player-0.036.tar.gz
Scanning cache /root/.cpan/build for sizes
Removing previously used /root/.cpan/build/DCOP-Amarok-Player-0.036

  CPAN.pm: Going to build J/JC/JCMULLER/DCOP-Amarok-Player-0.036.tar.gz

Checking if your kit is complete...
Looks good
Writing Makefile for DCOP::Amarok::Player
cp Player.pm blib/lib/DCOP/Amarok/Player.pm
Manifying blib/man3/DCOP::Amarok::Player.3pm
  /usr/bin/make  -- OK
Running make test
PERL_DL_NONLAZY=1 /usr/bin/perl "-MExtUtils::Command::MM" "-e"
"test_harness(0, 'blib/lib', 'blib/arch')" t/*.t
t/1....ok 1/89ERROR: No active KDE sessions!
If you are sure there is one, please set the $DCOPSERVER variable manually
before calling dcop.

t/1....NOK 4#     Failed test (t/1.t at line 14)
#          got: ''
#     expected: '0'
# *** Amarok needs to be open.
ERROR: No active KDE sessions!
If you are sure there is one, please set the $DCOPSERVER variable manually
before calling dcop.
t/1....NOK 5
#     Failed test (t/1.t at line 16)
#          got: ''
#     expected: '0'
# *** Amarok needs to be open.
# Looks like you planned 89 tests but only ran 85.
        Test returned status 6 (wstat 1536, 0x600)
DIED. FAILED tests 4-5, 86-89
        Failed 6/89 tests, 93.26% okay
Failed Test Stat Wstat Total Fail  Failed  List of Failed
t/1.t          6  1536    89   10  11.24%  4-5 86-89
Failed 1/1 test scripts, 0.00% okay. 6/89 subtests failed, 93.26% okay.
make: *** [test_dynamic] Error 6
  /usr/bin/make test -- NOT OK
Running make install
  make test had returned bad status, won't install without force


This is very consistent.  Does anyone know how to fix this?

FWIW, I _am_ running KDE (despite the "No active KDE sessions"
comment) and I have tried running this command with amarok running,
and without it running; it makes no difference to the output.

$DCOPSERVER is null. I'm not sure what it's supposed to be (or why it
seems not to have the right value).

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