Problems with Acrobe Reader and Copy and Paste

Daniel Pittman daniel at
Tue Oct 10 06:32:45 UTC 2006

Bry Melvin <brymelvin at> writes:


> FWIW i have switched 3 production machines over to Dapper, have found
> several things that still work better in Breezy than dapper, I have
> fixed all of them by compiling or installing Binaries from the
> programs owner instead of using repository versions. there have been
> other problems Dapper leaving out the MTA.

Well, that is an easily solved problem if you know /why/ you need an
MTA, and mostly irrelevant if you don't -- at least, until the unread
mail fills up your hard disk, anyway. ;)

> Real player OOorg Wine and HPILP for starts.

I hope you reported the bugs you found into Launchpad so that the
developers have a chance to react and correct these problems...

Out of interest, how many of those were that a newer version of the
software had features lacking in the Ubuntu version -- or were they all
installed to the same patch level?

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