Problems with Acrobe Reader and Copy and Paste

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Tue Oct 10 05:15:17 UTC 2006

Eduard Bonet <bonedu at> wrote: Hi again, 

The "select tool" in acrobe reader (the version i have installed is 7.0.8-0.0.ubuntu2) doesn't allow me to select what i want. Moreover, when i use the "Snapshot tool" to copy and paste parts of the pdf to openoffice writer, i can only paste the first snapshot capture. After the first one, when i go to the writer and paste i got pasted an older content of the clipboard -always the same content. Does anybody else experience this? 

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Not having that problem with ubuntu1 and OOo from 2 from OO (not in repositories) on Breezy. All works with KWord also.

Haven't loaded these on any machines with 606 ...Regression maybe?

FWIW i have switched 3 production machines over to Dapper, have found several things that still work better in Breezy than dapper, I have fixed all of them by compiling or installing Binaries from the programs owner instead of using repository versions. there have been other problems Dapper leaving out the MTA.

Real player OOorg Wine and HPILP for starts.

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