Kubuntu Testing Team is born!

Goksin Akdeniz goksina at anadolu.edu.tr
Thu Oct 5 15:59:59 UTC 2006

> Hello everyone in kubuntu-users!
> It's my pleasant duty to introduce to you the brand new Kubuntu Testing
> Team.
> We are a group of experienced Kubuntu users who contribute to the
> Kubuntu Project by testing new packages, upcoming releases and daily
> CD builds. We also manage to have fun doing it :o) You can find more
> about us at our wiki page: https://wiki.kubuntu.org/KubuntuTesters or
> you can contact us in person in the IRC channel #kubuntu-testers on
> freenode.
> Since we're a brand new team we welcome new members heartily. The team
> is open, there are no requirements for joining in, no programming
> skills necessary. Just open the launchpad page at
> https://launchpad.net/people/kubuntu-testers and hop in!
> I look forward to all you new members!
>   Martin Böhm
Hello Martin.

I am happy with the news. I will spread the word in news section of my 
e-magazine enixma. I hope my 2 cents will gather more testers.

Goksin Akdeniz

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