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Harold Hartley <harold_hartley at> wrote: I have a slight problem, but can't seem to figure it out.
I have install the driver that seems to be found to work with my printer.
I have a HP Deskjet 610c and the driver found to work with it was a HP 
Deskjet 610CL hpijs. Not sure what type of driver it is suppose to do, 
but when I print I have line in pictures or images when printed. Has 
anyone else run into this and what did you do to fix it.


I've been using HP printers for Graphics production for a long time.

Query...what Kind of line:

a "black" line
a line "where the colours are displaced to one side creating a line:
a line where the ink is suddenly darker but right colours

changing resolution to print   ex from 600 or 1200 dpi to the lower printer resolution can cause a lot of problems. too.

IIRC 610C is only 150 DPI colour, never used one but DID use a couple of the 693C series a long time ago.

from my examples 

the black line was caused by a buffer/memory problem
the second by a bad scanning on cds made with windows XPs built in CD writer which was making the CD too fast for the CD media and sent to me by a local print shop ...having them make the file at a lower speed or with a thirfd party app fixed this BUT,, these lines were visible when the pic was displayed.IOW a bad file

the Line where colour became suddenly more intense was VERY characteristic of these older printers on larger prints because the ink flow would gradually slow down as the printing took place making it lighter, then as the printer would pause as the buffer "filled" the ink would be more intense as printing resumed.

If it's the latter the only cure is to replace the cartridge if that fails ...the printer...basically exceeding the capabilities of the printer,

This problem disappeared with the larger cartridges of the later 800 series, and does not to seem to occur with the later photosmart series even though they have small volume cartridges.

Anything that interrupts the printing  can cause this problem sometimes on almost any inkjet when printing a large print... best either use a print server or leave the computer completely alone while printing a large file even with linux. Use of the swap can pause printing,,,even though it does a better job thean windows. (even old OS/2 does better than windows multitasking :-)  )

FWIW we use old machines as dedicated print servers for this reason. like P1s with 512 mb of memory. 

also using gimp to resize/ resample th file to closer to printer resolution will help

Multiple noise lines are inherent in the alteration of the file resolution for printing.
A rule of thumb was to scan (or build) the graphics file at a resolution <or=150% of the final print resolution to minimize this.

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