screensaver weirdness

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On 20/11/06, Juha Sandberg <jh_sandberg at> wrote:

> Running dapper, I have set a screensaver by using:
>   K | System Settings | Desktop | Screen Saver
> All the previews and tests seem to work fine, but when the screensaver
> is supposed to be invoked for real, instead I just get a large X logo
> on my screen.
> What else do I need to do in order for my selected screensaver to work?
> Hello! I found some time ago useful trip (don't remember from where)
> Try add following line to /home/user/.kde/share/kdesktoprc
> after screensaver section: DPMS-dependent=false
> It's work for me
> --

Just for the record, I think you mean:

Thanks very much.

Yes, that's what I mean and thanks for your rectification. I must be more carefully.

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