screensaver weirdness

Vayu vayu at
Tue Nov 21 05:35:11 UTC 2006

D. R. Evans wrote:
> Running dapper, I have set a screensaver by using:
>   K | System Settings | Desktop | Screen Saver
> All the previews and tests seem to work fine, but when the screensaver
> is supposed to be invoked for real, instead I just get a large X logo
> on my screen.
> What else do I need to do in order for my selected screensaver to work?
I get the exact same and would love to hear a solution.

But after burning my desktop image onto my favorite monitor here's what 
I ended up doing: I installed xscreensaver. I turned off the KDE 
screensaver in the control panel you mentioned above. Then in the 
~/.kde/Autostart directory I made a link to the xscreensaver as follows:
ln -s /usr/bin/xscreensaver ~/.kde/Autostart/.

 From there I type in the command window: xscreensaver-demo
That pulls up the dialog window that lets me choose what screensaver, 
how long and all the other settings associated with screensavers.

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