Shredding files

Brad De Vries devriesbj at
Mon Nov 27 16:14:47 UTC 2006

On 11/26/06, Neil Winchurst <neil at> wrote:
> When I was working with my previous distro (Mandriva) I sometimes used
> GPG for encryption. I am sure that it included a shredder, that is a way
> of deleting files by actually overwriting the data many times to make
> sure that it could not be retrieved. This was much, much safer than
> simply using the delete key which left the contents intact.
> I have set up GPG on kubuntu edgy now but I cannot see any sign of
> anything equivalent to the shredder. Does anyone know of anything like
> it in Kubuntu please?
> Neil Winchurst

Neil, in addition to the shred capabilities of GPG, there is an OS
command called "shred" which will destroy the data within a file
before it deletes it.

Check out man:shred to see more options.


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