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On 11/23/06, Neil Winchurst <neil at> wrote:
> I am using kubuntu edgy. I have just acquired a card reader which I am
> told will make it easy to copy photos from the card in my Canon camera
> to my computer. Of course the CD which comes with the card is for
> Windows only.
> Can anyone tell me what I should do to enable my computer to work with
> the card reader please?
> If it is relevant it is an external card reader and the maker is Sweex.
> Thanks
> Neil Winchurst
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Put your card in it, type as root: tail -f /var/log/messages  and look for
the device it says it is.  Mount it with something similar to this command:

sudo mkdir /mnt/camera && sudo mount /dev/sda1 /mnt/camera

Replace sda1 with whatever device it says it is in the tail command above.

Then copy the files from /mnt/camera to whereever you want them.  Enjoy the
rest of your day.

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