Threading - was Re: Dialup sharing in simple LAN

Nathan Eckenrode Neckenrode at
Wed Nov 22 15:17:54 UTC 2006

On Wednesday 22 November 2006 08:08, O. Sinclair wrote:
> Dear Harold,
> maybe I simply don't read the mails in threads so it doesn't happen to
> me - or even use a mailer that will move the mail to a new thread
> automagically?
Then maybe send a new mail to the list - so that the rest of us who use 
threads in order to organize the inbox - can follow the discussion that is 
going on, and perhaps you will get someone to answer your question rather 
than ignoring a thread to which they are not payng attention.
> Sinclair
> Harold Hartley wrote:
> > O. Sinclair wrote:
> >> In one project I work with I plan to install some small LANs (3-4 PCs)
> >> on a simple wired network and then have them share a dial-up internet
> >> connection (reason being they are far away from any broadband and
> >> satellite costs an arm and a leg).
> >>
> >> anyone knows a software or method of achieving this as "support-free" as
> >> possible? meaning that if one PC calls for internet access the connected
> >> PC should call and then hang up when all is finished without human
> >> intervention.
> >>
> >> Sinclair
> >
> > I can't answer your questions but why didn't you just start a new thread
> > instead of just changing a subject line and continue on a thread that
> > has nothing to do with the thread thats already going. geezz.
> >
> > Harold

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