Dialup sharing in simple LAN

Mitch Thompson mitchthompson at satx.rr.com
Wed Nov 22 15:16:52 UTC 2006

Harold Hartley wrote:
> O. Sinclair wrote:
>> In one project I work with I plan to install some small LANs (3-4 PCs) 
>> on a simple wired network and then have them share a dial-up internet 
>> connection (reason being they are far away from any broadband and 
>> satellite costs an arm and a leg).
>> anyone knows a software or method of achieving this as "support-free" as 
>> possible? meaning that if one PC calls for internet access the connected 
>> PC should call and then hang up when all is finished without human 
>> intervention.
>> Sinclair
> I can't answer your questions but why didn't you just start a new thread 
> instead of just changing a subject line and continue on a thread that 
> has nothing to do with the thread thats already going. geezz.
> Harold
The day has long past since the Internet was a "club" where enthusiasts 
communicated with each other and had a "gentleman's agreement" to abide 
by certain rules of etiquette.  Since "teh intarnet" is here now, it's 
pretty much become an untamed wilderness, where people feel they can do 
pretty muc what they want with very little concern for any "rules".

FWIW, I agree with you, though.

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