KDE and too many programs

Harold Hartley haroldh at midmaine.com
Wed Nov 22 12:59:35 UTC 2006

O. Sinclair wrote:
> Rob Blomquist wrote:
>> I usually don't take the time to install KDE the way I want, but now I am 
>> getting very interested in paring down all those programs to the ones I want 
>> and need, and those I don't.
>> A big part of the problem are the metapackages and how they control the need 
>> for all the tools. 
>> Are metapackages safe to remove? Then customize the package choice as I wish, 
>> while paying, of course, close attention to the dependancies involved? Ubuntu 
>> seems to act as if they are crucial to the upgrades being handled properly.
>> Rob
> am looking forward to more tech-savvy replies to this than I can give 
> you. All I know is that I to some extent consider it a pain in the .... 
> that I can not remove bluetooth that I have no use for whatsoever, nor 
> can I completely remove the new Kpowerguidance, without breaking 
> kde-desktop and a whole bunch of useful/necessary applications, such as 
> System Settings.
> I don't know why our dear KDE/Kubuntu developers insist on some of these 
>   apps being so necessary that you cannot remove them without messing up 
> your system. To my knowledge extremely few desktops and not all laptops 
> (far from) are sold with bluetooth.
> Sinclair
Its not kubuntu thats at fault here. Its kde that simply write their 
coding so that it intergrates with the other programs kde has to make it 
possible to intergrate with each other.
I personally think that they have gotten to the point of bloat in kde 
and it reminds me of Microsoft doing the same thing..


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