How well does Linux play with HP all-in-one devices nowadays?

Mitch Thompson mitchthompson at
Wed Nov 22 12:20:47 UTC 2006

john d. herron wrote:
> Hi, everyone.
> Was this the place where not too long ago I read from someone saying 
> how happy they were with the way their HP all-in-one printer plays 
> with their Linux box?
> Why am I asking ? Well, I'm thinking of purchasing an HP all-in one 
> (OfficeJet 5610 or 6210) and wondering how well certain features 
> operate (e.g. the automatic document feeder - ADF). If there are 
> potential glitches I ought to be wary of, I'd rather know beforehand.
> Any advice will be appreciated.
> john
> _________________
> kubuntu 6.06 LTS on a
> Pentium 4 box w/ 512 MB
Your best bet would be to go to and poke around.

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