Steve Grace sgrace at
Sun Nov 19 18:30:58 UTC 2006

On Sun, 2006-11-19 at 12:53 -0500, Evetom1 at wrote:
> having problem getting past password,i installed kubuntu put in user
> name and password
> wrote down name and password  now i cannot open up kubuntu because it
> keeps telling me password error  i would like any help i can get 

The user name and password are case-sensitive. Are you entering them
*exactly* as you did previously?

If so, you must have written one of them down incorrectly. I'd try this:

* Restart and select the "recovery mode" option. Assuming that you
didn't create a "root" password, the boot process should eventually stop
at a "#" prompt.

* At the "#" prompt, enter the following:

     passwd your_user_name

  This will either tell you that the user name is not valid or ask for a

  If the user name is not valid, enter the following to get a list of
user names on your system:

     less /etc/passwd

  Many of these won't look familiar. You're probably looking for one
that has the number "1000" as the third colon-separated field; the
associated user name is the first field. It's probably at or near the
end of the file. Here's what my user entry looks like:

     steve:x:1000:1000:Steve Grace,,,:/home/steve:/bin/bash

  Use the Page Up and Page Down keys to move through the file, and "q"
to exit when you get to the end of the file.

  If you're asked for a password, enter your password, and then enter it
again when asked to confirm the password.

* At the "#" prompt, enter "exit" to continue the boot process.

Good luck!

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