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Sun Nov 19 18:23:53 UTC 2006

On Sunday 19 November 2006 12:53 pm, Evetom1 at wrote:
> having problem getting past password,i installed kubuntu put in user name
> and password
> wrote down name and password  now i cannot open up kubuntu because it 
> keeps telling me password error  i would like any help i can get

This is pretty complicated to fix, and you sound like a complete newbie.

The error you're seeing is caused by either the username or the password being 
incorrect.  What you typed at install time and what you're typing now do not 
match for whatever reason of human error.

The way to fix this is pretty complicated, and unless you just like adventure, 
I think your best bet at this point would be to just to install again, and 
pay more attention to your username and password next time.  Type slowly, and 
make sure you're really typing what you've written down.

If you really want to try to recover from here, here are a couple of links:

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