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Kaj Haulrich kaj at
Sat Nov 18 14:15:54 UTC 2006

On Saturday 18 November 2006 13:49, Renaud (Ron) Olgiati wrote:
> Newbee question, Kubuntu not yet installed, I am still busy
> downloading the DVD iso (23% done, another five days to go  ;-3(
> Once I have installe Kubuntu, is there a process to download and
> install all the relevant security updated packages, or will I
> have to find them in the ubuntu-security-announce Archives, then
> go and download them one by one from ?

Just use the Adept package manager.  In the 'manage repositories' 
you'll find the security entries.  If they are greyed out, just 
uncomment them. Them run update. Piece of cake.

Personally I prefer the Synaptic Package manager.  Just _
sudo apt-get install synaptic

When the security repos are enabled, you will get updates 
atomatically - the little round alert on you taskbar.

Ron, I don't know about the Paraguay Post Service, but rather than 
spending a week on the download (phone bill ?) I'll gladly send you 
the DVD - I can download the whole rigmarole in a few minutes). 
Just mail me your address...

Kaj Haulrich.
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