How to configure the ".hidden" file

anthony baldwin anthonybaldwin at
Thu Nov 16 06:32:04 UTC 2006

Ali Milis wrote:

>Beside using "vi"; is there any "clickable" way to configure/modify
>the default .hidden file?
>thank you,
enter the file manager in root mode,
highlight the file and hit F2 (or right click and choose ¨rename¨)
Delete the ¨.¨
then it will be just ~/hidden
but will not be ¨hidden¨...
errr..what exactly are you trying to do to this file?
I mean, there is no ¨gui¨ to edit this file without dealing with the 
actual text.
Of course, a gui tools to handle the text is available, kedit or kate or 
any other gui text editor.


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