Newbie needs software to receive faxes via RS232 modem or otherwise

john d. herron paradox.herron at
Tue Nov 14 13:01:56 UTC 2006

In Windows, WinFax Pro is the fax software I've been using - via a 
USRobotics external (serial) modem - to handle the no more than 10 or so 
fax messages exchanged every year.
Now that I'm in the process of gradually migrating to Kubuntu, I'm 
looking for some similar software to keep in touch with the very few 
people who need to occasionally send me non-electronic documents.
Because of the very low volume of traffic, purchasing a fax machine is 
not an option.

Any suggestions (in simple language, please...) will be thankfully 
stand-alone kubuntu 6.06 LTS
on i586 box w/ 512 MB


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