Kmail Setup Change(?) - Edgy-

Neil Winchurst neil at
Tue Nov 14 09:14:31 UTC 2006

Irena & Richard Jenkins wrote:
> I am the only user of this machine.  When I stop using KMail, I am prompted by 
> KWallet for saving my password.  When I elect not to use Kwallet. I am 
> prompted whether or not I wich to use the less secure method of saving my 
> password in the kmailrc file ... buried deep beneath the .kde directory in my 
> home partition.
> Now I am inclined to drop KWallet off my desktop ... because I don't use it to 
> save an other passwords.  However, I have found that adept wants to remove 
> kubuntu-desktop was well!!  This I have refrained from doing.
> Is there a way to drop KWallet ... and these useless nags ... from my 
> machine ... and save my passwords as in previous editions of KMail??
> Richard
Hi there,

I am new to this list but not to Linux. I have tried kmail and the same 
nags got me down too. But, just a suggestion, have a look at Sylpheed. 
It is in the universe repository and you can install it using adept. I 
have used it as my main email client for years and I personally think it 
is excellent. I have tried others, at the moment I use thunderbird as 
well. IMHO Sylpheed is easily the best and easiest to use. You have 
tremendous control over how it works, and the filters are great. It is 
so far the only one where I can say in a filter instruction 'Do not 
receive' which can be very useful.

Apart from the nagging about kwallet, I didn't like kmail much anyway, 
so perhaps I am predjudiced. To all group members I recommend Sylpheed, 
have a look at it. I am new to kubuntu, Edgy is my first, and so far I 
am liking it.


Neil Winchurst

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