Kubuntu Screencast

Tez binary_y2k2 at blueyonder.co.uk
Mon Nov 13 06:59:10 UTC 2006

Vayu wrote:
> That was great. The second linked worked fine for me. I thought your 
> voice sounded professional. How did you do that? I would like to send my 
> boss videos like that.
> Vayu
Thanks, I made it with a package called *xvidcap [1]* and booted kubuntu
in qemu.
First I just recorded the desktop with me doing updates, then did a
voice-over with audacity, I also recorded a intro and an "thanks for
watching" in there. Then I used open office impress to create the title
and end page. Then used avidemux to stich it all together.

[1] http://xvidcap.sourceforge.net/


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