Kubuntu Screencast

ac "aec$news" at candt.waitrose.com
Sun Nov 12 19:59:31 UTC 2006

Tez wrote:
> Ok, I gave this whole screencast thing a go, it's on upgrading packages,
> like Alans last one, but for Kubuntu. It's not what you'd call in-depth
> but  I tried to cover the same stuff Alan went over in his one. It's
> about 7 mins long and covers the Adept updater and Adept package
> manager, which was fun because I actually use Synaptic and
> update-notifier as I severely hate Adept :-P .
> Before you look at it, just remember I'm not popey, I'm a guy from B'ham
> so I don't have "The voice of the balls".
> The screencast is on google:
> http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-5676029952918957384

I am not ssure why, but I am not seeing any video, but the voiceover 
is great. (New install here, so may not be fully configured)

I really like the b'ham voice - be sure to keep it!

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