Continuous Error Code in TTY consoles

Karl karlok at
Sun Nov 12 23:34:57 UTC 2006

Larry Hartman wrote:
> Add this to the puzzle, I commented out the fstab line for the cdrom and the 
> error still occurred.  Something more than just a mount issue, maybe my 
> friend at church was right, device driver error of sorts.
> On Sunday 12 November 2006 16:22, H.J.Bathoorn wrote:
>> On Sun, 12 Nov 2006 16:13:45 -0500
>> Larry Hartman <larryhartman50 at> wrote:
>>> Good idea, but no joy.  The error starts during the Kubuntu startup at
>>> the Hardware Abstraction Layer prior to xstart.  Someone at church this
>>> morning made the remark that maybe I dont have the proper driver.  I will
>>> be looking in this direction for a while.  Its frustrating/annoying, but
>>> doesnt make my system inoperable, my CPU speed is still pretty low.  I
>>> just can not use my TTYs...wondering though if it causes needless wear on
>>> my cd/dvd drive.
>> Well, if you're the only user on the laptop you could just remove the
>> /etc/fstab entry. That way you would be required to mount the DVD
>> 'manually' with "mount /dev/hdc /mnt/cdrom" ..... I'm not sure if you could
>> mount to  '/media/cdrom" i.e if the mountpoint would be there.
>> That would clear the errors of the TTY's until you find the solution.
>> --
>> Good luck,
>> HarM.
FWIW, I have the same problem on my Compaq Presario V4240US.  I had the 
problem with Breezy, and still have it with a fresh install of Dapper.  
After poking around for a while, I gave up and now keep a blank CD in 
the drive to avoid having the log files filled up with the error 
messages.  I notice, however, that the disk activity light blinks about 
once per second - the same rate at which the messages were being written.


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